The skin of 2014 lays in a discarded yet beautiful coil, rich greens and yellows heave as the ssssnake breaths his first in the crisp new clothes of 2015.

It's a ssssnake! Ssssnake has 10 dates starting at the end of Febuary and going into March Launching New Belgium Brewing Company's new beer “Slow Ride”. “Fire Leopard”, the new act that Ssssnake and Jon Steinmeier have put together, will debut and take the night to level next!

New Tracks are going to be released once a month er so for the foreseeable future so keep your ears prepped to receive! There also has been a flurry of video work going down. It'll be coming at you shortly as well. Lots cooking!!

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http://ssssnake.rocks Hostile Snakeover

You can now get your copy of "Hostile Snakeover" at itunes and bandcamp, the awesome Bandcamp site that let's you pick the price you wanna pay for the disk!


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Noah Tabakin is the man behind Ssssnake, a hip hop-, funk- and gospel-inflected soul project with a wild, joyous vibe. Defying categorization, Ssssnake has been likened to the lovechild of Ray Charles and Danny Brown or a hip hop Jeff Buckley.

Tabakin produces all the music for Ssssnake on Logic and Maschine softwear, with added live instrumentation from his super talented musical colleagues. He pipes these tracks through Dj software, allowing him to completely control the playback and manipulation of the tracks while blasting live baritone saxophone solos and loops. Rhyming, freestyling, singing over the tracks, Tabakin’s vocal work lands somewhere between Lenny Kravitz, Cee Lo Green and Frank Ocean.

If you're in the crowd you run the risk of being pulled on stage and into the mayhem. The audience assists ssssnake with lighting his journeys into the crowd with their cell phones, doing synchronized, slow motion dance routines and allowing him to give them a sweaty snuggle while serenading the chosen few.

“It’s an outlet for me. I can process things. It’s therapeutic,” says Tabakin. “When I’m on stage, I get real high off it. I’ve played to one person and I’ve played to 15,000; I love it all the same. I’m confident it’s what I’m here to do.”

In addition to fronting Ssssnake, Tabakin is the Co-director of the house band for New Belgium Brewing Company's National tour the “Tour de Fat” which has him singing, songwriting, playing saxophone and comedically acting across the united states for 5 months out of the year.

In Tabakin's long career he has performed on the Conan O’Brien Show, Lollapalooza, opened for Dan Deacon, The Roots, Primus,The Parliment/Funkadelic All Stars, Bernie Worell and the Woo Warriors, The Violent Fems, Cody Chessnut, Urban Dance Squad and the one and only SMASH MOUTH!

Tabakin has been singing and making music for over two decades. His considerable tour of duty includes fronting three bands: soul and R&B group All Fours; live hip-hop band Tabakin, and soul-funk group Little Blue Crunchy Things, with whom he performed for ten years, selling over 14,000 records. He was a founding member of the Chicago art rock group Dead Rider (Drag City), and the legendary nerd core circus punk marching band Mucca Pazza.


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